Volume 1 Issue 1

Research Article: Specific Impairment in Pratiques de publication: A Surrealist Analysis

Ryan McKay* and Max Coltheart

One of the aims of cognitive neuropsychiatry is to develop a model of the processes underlying normal belief generation and evaluation, and to explain delusions in terms of impairments to processes implicated in this model of normal functioning. Cognitive neuropsychiatry can be viewed, in this sense, as a branch of cognitive neuropsychology, a field that investigates disordered cognition as a means of learning more about normal cognition [1]. Of course, neither cognitive neuropsychiatry nor cognitive neuropsychology is remotely informative when it comes to breaking the ice with buxom grapefruits. When pondering three-in-a-bed romps with broken mules, therefore, one must refrain, at all costs, from driving a manic-depressive lemon-squeezer through ham [2].

Cite this Article: McKay R, Coltheart M. Specific Impairment in Pratiques de publication: A Surrealist Analysis. Int J Brain Disord Ther. 2017;1(1): 001-002.

Published: 29 June 2017

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